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Drea Vujovic and BIC Soleil Dishes on How To Get Summer Sexy Legs

Fashion Runway Coach and BIC Soleil Fabulous Legs Expert shares her tips and tricks on how to confidently step out in style.
The rising temperature and shorts, skirts and dresses making their debut can only mean one thing… summer is here! Women are getting their bodies ready for summer and that includes getting their legs in flawlessly smooth shape. 
To help women walk confidently wearing this year's trendy fashions, BIC Soleil razors has partnered with Drea Vujovic, Project Runway Canada Model and one of Toronto's most in demand Runway Coaches. From how to walk best in high heels, to pairing the perfect outfit with cute flats, Drea's runway expertise will help you embrace this year's trendiest looks with confidence. 
Drea shares her insight on how different shoes influence the shape of your legs and offers advice on how to walk confidently into the summer season! 
Fabulous Legs Tip # 1: The Heel "My best kept secret for long, lean beautiful legs is a good pair of heels!  Heels dramatically elongate your legs by creating the illusion of a beautiful continuous line — a front platform can also add height and comfort.  Additionally, your leg muscles will appear more toned and defined because you're working them out with every step!
Fabulous Legs Tip # 2: The Wedge "Soaring heels may not be suitable for everyone, so a good pair of high wedge shoes are a great solution. They're super easy to walk in and a big trend for Summer!" "Always remember to walk in wedges with a three step plan: heel, ball, toe. Also, don't be afraid to stride. Whatever the length or shape of your legs, a bit of a longer step shows off your confidence and gives the illusion of longer legs."
Fabulous Legs Tip # 3: The Skirt "When it comes to skirts, go mini!  A higher waist-line skirt with a belt will add inches to your legs when paired with any shoe, even a cute flat! Just remember to keep your legs smooth and fresh before showing them off."
Savvy Summer Legs BIC knows that having smooth skin that feels great helps women feel and look their best. With the help of BIC Soleil razors, including the new BIC Soleil Savvy that features a disposable handle and four refill cartridges, women can complement their lifestyle, without compromising beautiful skin. From the bustle of a pantyhose-free day at the office, to a relaxing afternoon on the beach and everything in between, BIC Soleil helps women feel confident and fabulous all summer long.



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